Boom Shell Bell Shoom

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Boom Shell Bell Shoom
Make a Fun Awesome Boss 2
Contest Entry
MaFAB2 22nd.png
Rank:22 / 24
Score:6.33+ε / 30
  • Sturg: 5 / 30
  • Zatsupachi: 7 / 30
  • Rameau's Nephew: 7 / 30
Difficulty:3 / 5
Length:2 / 5
Music used: 
  • "Thinking Music" by Kevin McLeod
  • "Club Diver" by Kevin McLeod
Tier: 2 - Slumber Sea Abyss
Previous: MaGLX3 137th - Captain Wiggly's Airborne Car Wash
Next: MaGLX3 136th - These Are Shy Guys

Boom Shell Bell Shoom is a Make a Fun Awesome Boss 2 contest entry, submitted by computerfan0. The player is automatically filtered to Mario at the start.


Gimmick images

Score table

Judge Fun Creativity Gimmick Total
Sturg 1 / 15 1 / 5 3 / 10 5 / 30
Zatsupachi 4 / 15 2 / 5 1 / 10 7 / 30
Rameau's Nephew 2 / 15 2 / 5 3 / 10 7 / 30
Overall 2.33 / 15 1.67 / 5 2.33 / 10 6.33 / 30

Judge comments


Such a artistically boring boss where I just jump on occasion and hope that Boom-Boom doesn't jump over my shell like a moron, with music that made me physically upset in how out of place it felt. So... good work it's definitely art???


Pretty underwhelming and can get really long if the rinka doesn't stop shooting your shell off.

Rameau's Nephew

Not very engaging, I'm afraid. Has a certain Big-Boo-Boss (or rather, Big-Boom-Boss)-like sensibility, in that the boss itself shambles around impotently and waits for you to whabbo him while generators generate at you. The single tile exit hatch from The Amazing Shell Bridge is just narrow enough to make disembarking mildly awkward. Your primary enemy is boredom here, as the battle lasts rather a long time but nothing ever really changes; the only real risk of being hit is due to tuning out and no longer paying attention. And if you're impatient and throw the shell at Boom Boom while he's doing his best Hedgehog the Hedgehog impression, he'll typically jump over it, forcing you to wait even longer. Other times, he'll jump on to one of the columns on the sides and start doing the Funky Chicken all by his lonesome, forcing you to wait around still more. And in the end, there's a disappointing lack of shooms.

+ Uses the expression "Ah, ya got me!"
- Long, boring and tedious

Other: The longer I'm forced to stare at Super Mario All Stars Boom Boom's face, the more I start to think he ought to be named "Snarfy".

Author's notes

Boss name: Boom Shell Bell Shoom
The images inspired me to make a boss involving shells underwater with pits you can fall into in a dark castle.