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The talkhaus logo has changed over time for special events and such. The original talkhaus logo was presumably created by TLs4 back when the talkhaus was first created, and it was then recreated by Rena to make it more crisp and presentable during the update to phpBB3, while recreating the original talkhaus theme which was only compatible with phpBB3. The logo font is Ampersand but the actual logo was hand drawn over so it's more crisp and differently kerned to the font itself.

Logo variations

Talkhaus original logo

The base logo was created by Rena and was recreated by the original talkhaus logo. This logo was last seen at the start of June 2020 before it was replaced by the rainbow banner for pride month.

Talkhaus rainbow logo

The Rainbow logo was updated as a special feature for pride 2020 at the start of June 2020, and wasn't removed or updated until June 2021, when new pride flag variants were added. It features the original logo, but with the "talkhaus" text masked with a rainbow pride flag.

New pride variants

In June 2021, new pride flag variants were added for each pride flag already available in the site's emotes. These logos are similar to the original rainbow logo, but all the text is now masked with the flag.

Lesbian flag

Talkhaus lesbian logo

Bisexual flag

Talkhaus bi logo

Pansexual flag

Talkhaus pan logo

Asexual flag

Talkhaus asexual logo

Trans flag

Talkhaus trans logo

Nonbinary flag

Talkhaus nonbinary logo

Agender flag

Talkhaus agender logo

Genderfluid flag

Talkhaus genderfluid logo