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Many characters have been introduced over time in Raocow and AOD's webcomic Artificial Time X.S.


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Feed is an otherwise normal young girl of about ten or eleven, who was one day caught up in the midst of all this madness without much rhyme or reason. Ultimately protective of Orbit, her round pet, Feed is a vegetarian by preference, but isn't averse to killing people and animals to feed Orbit's carnivorous hunger. In the presence of overwhelming violence, she manifests visions of glowing red televisions, and in the white noise of the static she oftentimes sees patterns and perhaps hears a voice, whispering to her from the world behind the screens. Feed has very few abilities and skills in the comic thus far. Feed hunts down meat for Orbit to consume, but we have rarely seen this happen. It is possible that Feed resembles Cream from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Feed also acts somewhat like Cream. However, due to Feed's somewhat violent personality, this is unlikely.

Feed is the youngest of the characters in A.T.X.S. and also is shortest character. Her hair is light purple and shoulder in length and her eyes pink. She wears a yellow ribbon in her hair, and her clothes consist of a red dress.

Almost nothing is known of Feed's past. She rarely references it, and no one ever bothers to ask. Whatever the case, we can make some predictions. She may be an orphan since she has never mentioned her parents. Also, sometime in her past she must have come across Orbit and decided to become it's mother. However, regardless of any assumptions, nothing can be known for sure. Feed & Orbit first appeared early in the comic, and are the first characters to meet up with Sheath. However, the meeting wasn't particularly a friendly, however. Feed quickly tries to offer Sheath as food, but because of Sheath's generating abilities, she can't feed her to Orbit. Feed continually coming up with ideas to feed Sheath to Orbit becomes a running subplot in the comic. Feed & Orbit do not play a major part in the second chapter. However, when Float and Tear get captured by the Wasteland Police, Feed does decide to go save them, although she does not specify her reasoning. In the third chapter, Feed and the group decide that they have to go save Float and Tear from the Wasteland Police. Along the way, they meet up a second wandering group lead by the young warrior Shift. Feed sees opportunity and hires Shift and her group to help them save Float and Tear. However, after Tear and Float is saved, Shift discovers that Feed cannot pay them for their duties and thus attacks. In the end, Float attempts to protect Feed but loses. In the fourth chapter, Feed awakes in a hospital after the battle with Shift and her group. She is greeted by Tear who brings her to the rest of the group who all decide that a nice vacation is in order and travel to the beach. They are all soon attacked by a giant squid, followed by inter-dimensional police, Drain and Condemn. Condemn single-handedly kills everyone, including Feed and Orbit. However, after being bothered by Sheath, time is reversed and everyone is brought back to their state before the beach episode ever occurred. In chapter five, Feed declares that Sheath continually gets the group into danger due to her insane personality. Although Float objects, the vote passes through and Sheath is sent off to the Asylum. Meanwhile, Feed, Float, Tear, and Drift go to search for some way to earn some money, but end up running into the wicked Mailman. After a fierce battle, Feed decides that they need Sheath and rescues her from the Asylum.


Orbit is Feed's pet who is a round and purple creature with large black eyes and a yellow antenna on it's head. Orbit doesn't appear to have any major skills or abilities, but acts more like an animal when it feasts. Orbit is somewhat similiar to Cheese, Cream's pet Chao, like how Feed resembles Cream.


Float is an attractive and fashionable fifteen year-old who attended high school before all this craziness started, Float is the treasurer of the Bushido Fashion Club at her school, and in these economic hard times, seeks alternative methods of funding for her club. Officers of the Bushido Fashion Club obviously value both skilled kenjutsu, and perfect makeup and hair, and Float is no exception. Straddling the world with her sandaled feet, in her little pleated miniskirt and halter top, Float has excellent command of the multiple forms of the Fashion Blade, a powerful variant of iaido. Her unique katana has two forms: the Blood Blade mode, which uses devastating close-range physical attacks, and the White Fire mode, which appears when the Blood Blade has tasted enough blood, and can launch deadly lightning-based ranged attacks. Sheath regularly calls Float her best friend, and Float follows this up with "No, I'm not!" Float has a huge amount of attacks, including Form #45 - White Fire Beach Blade, and White Fire Blade Form #12 - Hairstylist's Vengeance. Float, through serious training and skill, hasshown to be one of the fastest and most agile characters in A.T.X.S. and only some are able to rival her prowess. One of her main rivals is Shift, who has, however, proven to be stronger and faster.

Float is the most fashionable of all characters in the A.T.X.S. universe, or, at least by her standards she is. Her hair is aqua colored and usually kept up with yellow and pink hair pins. She wears a halter top and a short plaid miniskirt with sandals on her feet. She can usually be seen with her mp3 player or a katana on her waist.

Float has one of the largest set of attacks and skills in A.T.X.S. She is the main fighter in her group and thus has the most experience. Her choice of weapon is usually a katana adapted to some kind of skill she learned in the Fashion Bushido Club. An interesting property that applies to the majority of her attacks with her katana is that she must sheath her blade after the inital attack for it to affect her target. These skills range widely and are some of the most powerful attacks seen so far in the comic.

Although not much can be said for certain, most of Float's past is well known. She seems to be, more or less, a regular fifteen year old girl. She is the Treasurer of her high school's Bushido Fashion Club, who admire great fashion and great skill with the blade. In recent times, she does not attend the club as regularly as she used to due to the need to attain money to fund the club. In the first chapter, Float is first seen stumbling upon the scene where Sheath has just met Feed & Orbit. She doesn't really pay them any attention at first, but after Sheath insults Float's sense of fashion, Float goes on the offense and attacks Sheath. Nevertheless, they both seem to come together as a group. Later, Float plays a major part in defeating the Indian Brave and giant mechanical scrap robot which threatens the group. In Chapter Two Float accompanies Sheath, Feed, and Drift as they traverse the wasteland. It is here they are attacked by Wasteland Bandits and the Wasteland Police. After many battles Float along with Tear, one of the bandits, are captured and taken to the Wasteland Prison. In Chapter Three, Float is eventually rescued from the prison along with Tear, who joins up with the group. However, Feed soon becomes the victim when she is attacked by Shift after not having the funds to pay. Float quickly goes to protect her, but is ultimately defeated. Float plays a less important role in the fourth chapter. After deciding to take a break from all the drama, the group heads to the beach for a much needed vacation. However, they are quickly interrupted by a giant squid followed by inter-dimensional police who kill them all. At the end, however, Condemn resets time to before this episode ever occurred. In chapter five, after the incident at the beach, the group comes together and makes the decision to take Sheath to an Asylum to deal with her insanity issues. Everyone pretty much agrees this is the right thing to do, other than Float. However, the votes passed and Sheath was sent away. While Sheath was busy at the Asylum, Float and the group runs into the sinister Mailman. Choosing to fight, Float goes into fierce combat, but is somehow unable to defeat the Mailman. In the end, Feed brings Sheath back and the Mailman is defeated. In chapter six, the group stumbles upon Shift and her group as they fight some sort of inter-dimensional outlaws. Most of the group get caught up in fights, and Float fights Ally. She also reveals that she is now 16 years old. In chapter seven, Float pairs off with Ally, one of the six elite warriors from the assassin group "Highly Doubtful Special Five", in a duel to the death. During the battle, Float is poisoned by Ally's poisoned blade attacks and becomes drunk, apparently eliciting major changes in her personality, rather than debilitating or deadly poison effects. Ultimately, Float wins the fight when Ally is distracted by the falling, severed body of Corral, giving her an opening to land the finishing blow.


Drift is a mysterious man in his upper twenties or early thirties, with a cowboy hat and a hot convertible, Drift, surprisingly true to his name, wanders the world with a cool attitude and a general take-it-as-it comes view towards the future. Never stopping at any point for long, his ultimate motivations are still nebulous. He can fire destructive energy beams from his index fingers.

Drift is one of the oldest and tallest characters in the series. His outfit is a mix of western cowboy and modern street clothes. On his head is a black cowboy hat and covering his eyes is a large pair of sunglasses. His clothes consist of an orange beaded necklace, a yellow vest, and a pair of blue jeans with boots.

Drift has shown to have one of the strongest, yet rarely used abilities in A.T.X.S. thus far. He seems to have the ability to fire extremely powerful blasts from his fingers, which has been shown capable of destroying powerful creatures in one hit. He also has some kind of physical prowess, since he was in the army at some point.

Drift is a character with a very blurry past and not much has been revealed about him throughout the series. We do know through flashbacks that many years ago he was in the army and some of his companions died in war. After the war, he seemed to take a liking to cars and his pride is his red convertible. Drift was mainly absent for the entire first chapter of A.T.X.S. His first appearance occurs near the end of the chapter when he appears to aid Sheath and the group against the huge mechanical junk yard monster. He destroys it with one energy blast. In chapter two, Drift primarily plays the part of transfer. He takes the Sheath in the group aboard his powerful convertible and travels to the Desert Wasteland. It is here that they are pursued by the bandits and the Wasteland police. In the end, Sheath and Tear are captured by the Wasteland Police and taken to prison. In chapter three, Drift carries Sheath and Feed to the Prison along with Shift and her group to save Float and Tear. Although Drift doesn't participate in any of the battles, he is there in the end to take them all to safety. In chapter four, Drift takes everyone to the beach for a well earned vacation, but is rudely interrupted by a giant squid followed by inter-dimensional police. Drift doesn't manage to participate in any real battle, and in the end is killed by Condemn. Luckily, Sheath managed to sway Condemn to reverse everything to before the beach scene occurred. In chapter five, after Feed puts up a vote to send Sheath to an insane asylum to help her with her problems. The vote goes through and Sheath is sent away. Meanwhile, Drift takes Feed, Float, and Tear to find a way to earn some money. In the end, he is faced in a battle against the Mailman and stands up to protect Feed. Sheath soon returns and the Mailman is defeated.


Tear is a young Latina woman in her early twenties, who works as a licensed bandit in the Wasteland to support her extended family, of which she is the eldest sister, who all live peacefully in a modest home somewhere. A relatively new addition to the main questing party, Tear, as a professional bandit, is skilled with motorcycles and cooking spicy Mexican cuisine. Tear has the ability to create and control fire, using it to assist her devastating martial arts skills. A side effect of her power is that she is granted the ability to fly. Tear owns a sleek, maroon motorcycle, and she has a very large extended family.

Tear's Latina heritage is reflected deeply in her appearance. Her hair is a dark brown, and her eyes are bright orange. Her body is toned but thin, reflective of her many years as a bandit and the many battles she has encountered. She sports a black jacket, a light orange tank top and a black pair of jeans. Recently, she has acquired a mechanical right arm.

Tear is one of the strongest characters in A.T.X.S. Through her training as being a bandit and taking care of a large family alike, she's become quite a powerful woman. Her main skill involves everything flame. From her first appearance she has shown a great deal of skill in creating fire and using it any way she wants. In every fight her main weapon is her fire itself. In more recent chapters Tear has attained a mechanical arm, although she has not used it as much in fights. In the future is is thought that it will be used along with her fire talents to produce devastating power in attacks. Though Tear's strength seems about average, although her mechanical arm does assist with this. Her speed however, is a major forte for her, and she uses it regularly to get the upper hand in battles.

Tear is one of the most average of all of the characters in A.T.X.S. She originates from a very average family, though they have never been seen. She is the oldest of a large Latino family. Although it is not for certain on why she became a bandit (perhaps it was to help take care of such a large family) we do know that she originally left home in order to pick up milk and olive oil. Through a number of odd circumstances, she eventually encountered Sheath and her group, and ended up joining them on their quests. Tear is first introduced in Chapter Two. While Drift drives Sheath and the group through the desert, they encounter a group of bandits, including Tear, who attack them. Through a series of fights, Tear along with Float, were captured by the Wasteland Police and taken to prison. Tear is rarely seen in chapter three, since the most part of it takes place in Sheath (who encountered Shift and her brother Brake along with their group) coming and saving her, along with Float. During the times we do see her, we grow to learn more about her history and herself and is the opening process of her eventually joining the group. At the end of the chapter, she is finally saved and officially joins. In chapter four, after being rescued by Sheath and her group from the Wasteland Prison, she celebrates with the group by going on vacation to the beach. Their fun and play is quickly interrupted by an attacking giant sea monster. Although it is defeated eventually, it did herald a group of inter-dimensional police, Condemn and Drain, who quickly slaughtered the entire group. However, the one person they could not kill was Sheath, and through her insatiable bickering, they decided to reverse time and spare all of their lives. In chapter five, the group concludes that they need to find a way to gather funds, but Sheath is always causing trouble. They decide to send her to an Insane Asylum to try and help her with her problems. While Sheath is sent away, Tear and the group encounter the destructive force of the Postman. Through a series of battles, the are constantly defeated. It takes Feed to rescue Sheath for them to defeat him. After the events in the previous chapter, Tear and the group and mainly not seen. However, Shift and Brake and their group encounters inter-dimentional bandits, called the Void Knights, who are running from the inter-dimensional police, Condemn and Drain. While battling, Tear and the group come across the scene and quickly join in. It is within this chapter Tear gains a mechanical form which results in having a completely mechanical arm. In the end, the Condemn and Drain return to capture them, leaving everyone else behind. Tear then enters a portal that leads to the Twilight Forest.


Shift is the de-facto leader of the party and a warrior of great strength. Though she is the same age as Sleep, differing circumstances of life-development caused her to become something of a world-weary cynic. Nevertheless, despite her acerbic tongue and sullen demeanor, Shift is a fundamentally good person who is as dedicated to her friends as she would be to her family -- if she had one. Oftentimes this comes down to securing the bottom line for the party by any means necessary. Shiftis the resident wielder of a giant sword, which is a reference to many anime which feature similar circumstances.

Shift is a very young girl and the shortest within her group, her height barely paralleling Feed. Her hair is a basic purple and her eyes are a bright green. She has a blue cap turned backwards, a  necklace or pendant, a purple medium-sleeved shirt, blue jean shorts, yellow shoes, and a huge sword which she carries upon her back, which is easily her most recognizable feature.

Shift's main skill is with her huge sword. Made of a very solid metal and with a height nearly her entire body's length long, it is a very powerful weapon. In recent chapters it was shown to have the power to even combat against the strength of inter-dimensional bandits. Shift's speed and power is one of the highest ranking in all of A.T.X.S. Very few have been able to rival her power.

Not very much is known of Shifts history in A.T.X.S. We do know that some horrible circumstances must have created her deep and serious attitude and set her forth to form her own group for questing. Through some part in her early life she gained her sword and was able to quickly learn the skills required to make her strong. Throughout A.T.X.S., Shift has been seen rarely throughout the early parts of the series. In her first encounter, she teams up with Shift to go rescue Float and Tear, although she turns on Feed when she isn't given the money that was offered for saving them in the first place. They aren't seen again for quite some time, until they battle the Void Knights. Shift takes on the apparent leader, Knight Void Knight, and eventually actually ends up damaging the extremely powerful entity. In the end, after Condemn and Drain return and capture the Knights, Sheath attempts to tell Shift to join them.


Brake is an energetic man in his mid-to-upper twenties and Sheath's older brother. Brother and sister grew up together in the monastery, where Brake learned the mystic arts of healing and divine resurrection, while Sheath learned largely nothing of importance. As orphaned children they were inseparable, and their bond remains very deep. Sadly, one day, when Sheath was six years old, Brake decided to leave to go questing, though he would visit periodically. When Sheath was eight, Brake departed on a very long quest, and the siblings would not be reunited for eight years. At any rate, the sibling resemblance is uncanny, as Brake also inherited a familiar ditziness that is more pronounced in his sister. Brake refers to his God in almost all of his sentences in one way or another.

Brake is one of the tallest and oldest characters in A.T.X.S. His hair is a lighting shade of yellow, and his eyes a light pink. Along his right eye is a very noticeable scar. He wears an orange open shirt, a pair of green pants, and sandals on his feet.

Brake's main ability is in healing magic. By praying to God, he can heal his own body, or bring others back from the dead. As long as his spirit is physically inside his body, his healing abilities are almost limitless, or as limitless as God will allow. He has used this magic in every fight where he was presence so far, and has provided to be one of the most important characters in the series. Other than healing magic, Brake can also pray to God to deliver his wrath, which usually consists of huge rays of energy, upon his enemies. This, however, seems to take more time than healing.

Brake is an orphan along with his sister, Sheath. They were raised in a monastery where they learned information and skills regarding healing and magic. Brake quickly gained a high level of skill to the point where he could leave the monastery and go out on his own quests. Finally, he did so, when his sister was only six years old. He would not see her again for another eight years. Between this span of time, Brake would come into contact with Shift, a prominent and powerful swordswoman, and join her group. Brake was first seen at The Way Station with Shift and the rest of the group. It is here that he reunites with Sheath after eight years. After learning about Sheath's position in trying to save her friend Float and Tear from the Wasteland Police, he agrees to help them. However, once they are saved, Shift turns on Feed because she did not receive payment. For the most part, Shift stayed out of the quarrel. Brake is later seen fighting inter-dimensional outlaws, the Void Knights. It is here that he prepared one of his more powerful attacks, God's Wrath. Due to the extreme amount of time it takes to use this attack, Shift and the others had to fight the Void Knights. Eventually he does finish, but even that could not break through Knight Void Knight's shield. In the end, the outlaws are captured by Condemn and Drain and the rest are left behind.


Squish is a young, wide-eyed and slightly naïve girl, around Feed's age or perhaps a bit older. While not quite as intelligent as Feed, Squish possesses a gentle tricksterish streak and a cleverness that comes in handy at times. The party's spellcaster, Squish has vast destructive capabilities with the caveat that she must ask the target a riddle to activate her spells. If they answer correctly, her spells fail. This works on inanimate objects since, obviously, objects cannot answer and so fail by default. Also, if the target doesn't want to answer or listen to the riddle, the spell fails. Although she has proved to change these rules if she wants. There's a mysterious jester-like shadowy alter ego that helps her in difficult situations.

Highly Doubtful Special Five

  • The biggest and strongest of Highly Doubtful Special Five, Arrive wields a spear and has water-based abilities. Her size and fearsome demeanor are belied by her essentially gentle, warm, and caring nature; a gentle giant who values friendship and likes cute, small things.
  • Quiet, restrained and introspective, Corral is something of the odd girl out. Although amicable in her own way, Corral certainly lives in her own world and has her own unique take on logic that is not necessarily shared by everyone else. As for her physical appearance, Corral's most defining trait is probably that she's missing the lower half of her body. She manages to survive in spite of this by being a robot. However, due to her missing legs, autonomous movement is almost impossible for her, hence why she is mostly seen being carried around by other characters. Furthermore, she does not seem to have eyes, so it is unknown how far she can perceive her surroundings. Corral specializes in heavy weapons which she can use by transforming her arms into all kinds of deadly implements.
  • A nimble fighter and leader of the group, Generate gets her thrills from combat, but what she truly wants is to keep her teammates safe. Attuned to the wind, Gen uses the air to help her launch deadly close-in attacks with her unique rectangular blade.
  • Rather cold and intellectual, Encase is the Highly Doubtful Special Five's computer expert. Her job is to retrieve and analyze information on their enemies, documenting their weaknesses so that the Highly Doubtful Special Five can exploit them. She can access portals with her laptop and summon fruits.
  • Always with a ready grin, Ally wields dual katanas in combat. Her friendly, free-spirited, energetic, upbeat nature is contrasted by a fighting style that inflicts dozens of small wounds on her enemies until they bleed to death.
  • Test is the Highly Doubtful Special Five's vehicle expert. Shy, but good-natured, Test has the ability to create spherical explosions, and her motorcycle can transform into a power suit.


Accelerate is the main antagonist of the ninth chapter of ATXS, "Sake Is Best Tasted In the Season of Destruction".