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Kood is one of the playable characters in Drama Mistery, a SMW hack made by Grate that was played by raocow. He is also one of the five main playable characters in the ASMT series.


Initially an annoying tagalong of notorious intergalactic crime lord Luigi, Kood first met Demo and Iris at the Castle of No Significance during a mission to defeat his arch-nemesis, Jowey the Poison Cow, and began following the twins around the castle instead.

After parting ways with them and having a falling-out with Luigi Kood began going on his own escapades throughout time and space, often crossing paths with the other heroes and occasionally coming to them for help with matters of catastrophic consequence.


Despite a pathetic pushover nature that earns him no small amount of ridicule, Kood maintains an inflated sense of self-worth and fashions himself the key player and/or straight man of any group he's in. He likes giving orders and often takes things excessively seriously to the point of melodrama; this, of course, exacerbates the mockery and contempt he receives from his companions, likely fueling the deep-seated inferiority complex that drives his self-important demeanor in the first place.


Unlike other koopas, Kood can take advantage of powerups and hover in the air for a short period of time. He also serves as a handy meat shield. Kood is otherwise completely unremarkable in every conceivable way.



Upon first encountering Demo, Kood developed a crush over her and her twin sister. He has since gotten over his infatuation, viewing her more as a close friend.


Upon first encountering Iris, Kood developed a crush over her and her twin sister. Iris has since beaten it out of him and now he merely views her as an valuable ally (if a bit rude and sometimes scary).


Kood and Pily are are a couple, having fallen in love over their mutual interest in exposition.


Kood originated from the Brazilian Super Mario World hack Drama Mistery (sic) as a playable character alongside Luigi. Beginning with A Super Mario Bros X Thing he became integrated into the main cast of the ASMT series along with raocow and Sheath.