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Iris Roseclair is the deuetragonist of the ASMT series.


Iris and her sister Demo were the last of the ABCDs created by the Artist, made using packing peanuts, a slab of meat, a lead weight, asbestos and a kangaroo.

The two eventually escaped the Artist's brainwashing powers and were captured by one of the Space Masters of Space, whom they have been working for ever since.


Sneaky and intellectual, Iris prefers thinking her way through her battles. While she's fairly reserved most of the time, she can be even more impatient than her sister when it comes to things she considers pointless nonsense and won't hesitate to voice her opinions.

Iris is fully capable of being tactful toward those she respects and trusts... it's just that not many people fall under that category. As such, she tends to procrastinate with her taxes, and because she doesn't care much for what others think of her she'll sometimes neglect her personal hygiene to the point where she smells like garlic. <ref></ref><ref>This_level_is_canon</ref>


Though physically weaker than her sister, Iris makes up for it with her strategic genius and proficiency with various tools and weapons. She also commands a legion of catllamas that she affectionately call "Catnip".

Additionally, her own ABCD specialization has begun as a passive power spread, causing any other ABCDs that stay close to her for long periods of time (so basically just Demo) to share their abilities with everyone currently in her vicinity. She may or may not be aware of this (she definitely wasn't until someone left a sign explaining this fact in her path) and it's unclear whether this is the mature form of her powers or merely the early stages of it.



Iris cares deeply for her sister, even if they don't always see eye-to-eye.


Considers him little more than an expendable resource at best, an annoyance at worst.


Iris is greatly suspicious of him and enjoys throwing fireballs at the hapless hound when Demo isn't looking.

Space Master

Iris is loyal to her master, though not to the same degree as Demo. Her calculating approach does earn her greater respect from the master, however.

Uncle Broadsword

Iris has grown contemptuous of Broadsword due to him neglecting her in favor of Demo and giving her terrible Christmas presents.


Iris has served as a playable character in most of the ASMT series games, though she began as a simple palette swap of Demo in ASMT and What The Hell. Iris first became her own character in A2MT, in which she laid out the original plot of the game but Demo ended up ignoring her and going on her own adventure.

Starting with ASMBXT, Iris began traveling with Demo, with A2XT establishing that she had broken free of the Artist's brainwashing with Demo and that the two worked for the same master.


  • “Pfft, fine sis. I’ll let him do his whole ‘amnesia’ thing just so long as he does it quietly so I don’t have to hear about it.”


  • Iris's surname, Roseclair, originates from a level raocow made for A2XT Episode 1 that featured Demo as a Western film star for a joke. It was popular enough that he made it official and gave the explanation of it being derived from the vat Demo was made in. Though raocow did not explicitly establish it as Iris' surname as well, as twins it can be inferred that Demo and Iris were spawned in the same vat. <ref></ref>
  • In the story for the original, unfinished version of A2MT, Iris was still brainwashed by the Artist and acted as the leader of the Siblings.