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A Super Mario Bros. X Thing: Prelude to the Stupid was the first major game developed by the Talkhaus through the Super Mario Bros. X engine, and is the second game in the A Super Mario Thing series. It follows Demo and Iris collecting leeks through "The Castle of No Significance". In addition to Demo and Iris, three other characters are playable; Kood (from Drama Mistery), Raocow, and Sheath (from ATXS).


In mid-2011, raocow made an LP of a game made in a then relatively unknown game engine called "Super Mario Bros. X". The game quickly gained praise in the community and raocow managed to gather a few more viewers from the crowd of SMBX-modders. The two communities exchanged ideas with one another and, consequently, some Talkhausers started tinkering around with the SMBX engine, which was similar to LunarMagic but a standalone, proprietary system which didn't require an emulator and could produce its own executables. Eventually, in October 2012, forum member freelop came up with the idea of making a collab hack, similar to ASMT, using the new engine. After he found some supporters for his idea in the Skypehaus, freelop brought it to the forums, and things picked up from there. Within 5 months, the game was completed, and playtesting started in March 2013. Finally, the full game was released on the 15th of March, and raocow started his LP of the community project on the following day.

Major contributors to this project included: Kashkabald, shaman, SAJewers, docopoper, and raekuul.