Shyspring Street's Acceptable County Fair

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Shyspring Street's Acceptable County Fair
Make a Good Level X3
Contest Entry
MaGLX3 115th.png
The "Acceptably Tossing Unacceptable Vegetables Challenge"
Rank:115 / 152
Score:54+ε / 120
  • Sturg: 52 / 120
  • Zatsupachi: 62 / 120
  • Rameau's Nephew: 48 / 120
Star Coins:None
Difficulty:3 / 5
Length:3 / 5
Terms used: 
  • Location: Country Fair
  • Adjective: Acceptable
  • NPC: Shyspring
  • Bonus: Firebar
Music used: 
  • Super Mario RPG - Going Shopping in Seaside Town
  • Super Mario 64 - Stage Boss
  • Super Mario All-Stars - King Restored Fanfare (Super Mario Bros. 3)
  • Super Mario RPG - Fight Against Bowser
Tier: 3 - Golden Riverpark
Previous: 116th - Late Carnivale
Next: MaFAB2 19th - Desert Reign Frog

Shyspring Street's Acceptable County Fair is a Make a Good Level X3 contest entry, submitted by Redscale. The player is automatically filtered to Mario at the start.


Score table

Judge Design Creativity Aesthetics Gimmick Total
Sturg 15 / 50 12 / 30 5 / 20 20 / 20 52 / 120
Zatsupachi 25 / 50 15 / 30 8 / 20 14 / 20 62 / 120
Rameau's Nephew 13 / 50 12 / 30 7 / 20 16 / 20 48 / 120
Overall 17.67 / 50 13 / 30 6.67 / 20 16.67 / 20 54.01 / 120

Judge comments


Boy, did the difficulty of the 2nd half catch me by surprise. The events in the 1st half felt like a mixture of tutorials and jokes, which was fine and all. But, no yeah, that Firebar ride was definitely a sudden instance of "learning by dying," even if the section all-in-all doesn't last too long. I thought the vegetable throwing one was a nice idea, and I would've loved to see each of the events implemented in some fashion in the 2nd half. This just feels a bit unfocused, as the gameplay doesn’t really seem connected and the average difficulty is a bit wacky. Still, nice work for this being your first level, and that Maze gag was pretty great though.


It's an adorable level with its premise but that's just about it. I had few genuine laughs in here, especially the super hard maze. Though I think the real meat of this level is in the final firebar line-guided segment here. This an unexpected difficulty spike and honestly what looks like to be where most of the effort of the level is put on to. Though sadly this segment grinds into just memorization with some very iffy moments in where some firebars and fire-saws don't exactly time well and become ridiculous to dodge.

Rameau's Nephew

Now that's a level name that screams ambition. That said, it's a reasonably entertaining dooble-doo. While most of the attractions are just vehicles for jokes, the platforming one stands out a bit badly in that most of the challenges are a touch awkward and messy, and NPCs (including ones needed for mobility) have a certain tendency to despawn. The Firebar Express is a bit better, but it can still be difficult to parse exactly what's expected of you as you barrel forth along high-speed loops. Retrying it is fairly painless, at least. No worries, though. For a very first Mario level ever, I'm relieved to report that it is nevertheless acceptable.

+ Acceptably entertaining dooble-doo
- Gets a bit janky when it tries serious platforming

Other: I feel like we needed more acceptable/fair puns here.

Author's notes

Chosen Terms:
Location is County Fair,
Adjective is Acceptable,
NPC is Shyspring,
Wild Card is Firebar, from NPC list.
This is not only my first time working with SMBX, it is my first time overall in making a Mario level.
I had a lot of fun working on it, at least!