Golden Riverpark

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Golden Riverpark
Make a Good Level X3 +
Make a Fun Awesome Boss 2
Contest Tier
MaGLX3 Tier 3.png
Tier:3 / 12
Levels:15 (129th to 115th place)
Bosses:2 (20th and 19th place)
Unlocked after:Available from the start
Tier X level:Crumbling World, Crumbling Time
Collectibles:Hot dogs
Designers:Zatsupachi, Enjl
Music used: 
"Golden Riverpark" by Sturg
Previous: 2 - Slumber Sea Abyss
Next: 4 - Venice, Italy
"Heyo, welcome! This park looks beautiful at any time of day, and lucky for us, it's open at any time of day, too! Why not take a break from all that rushing about, sit down on one of these benches, and let your mind drift to places previously unimagined?"
—Boom Boom, at the start of the hub.

Golden Riverpark is the third tier of levels and bosses in the Make a Good Level X3/Make a Fun Awesome Boss 2 compilation episode. It contains MaGLX3 levels ranked from 129th to 115th place, and MaFAB2 bosses ranked 20th and 19th. It has an outdoor park theme, with lampposts in the foreground and a lake and trees in the background. The player "sits" on park benches to enter levels. For boss entries, the benches are occupied by the Crystal Hunter from Hollow Knight.

This hub is unique in that it features a day-night system. There are daytime, nighttime, sunrise, and sunset versions, with time advancing by an hour every time the hub is loaded. Certain NPCs will show up at different times of day.

Contest entries

From left to right, the levels and bosses encountered are:

Death puzzle

There are two seesaws in this hub. The player must wedge themselves underneath the one-tile-high space between one of the seats and the ground, and wait to be crushed. After dying, the player will respawn in Tier X near the level, Crumbling World, Crumbling Time.


It has been speculated that this hub's aesthetics were inspired by the similarly named "Golden Riverbank" in the 2D Metroidvania, Rabi-Ribi. Zatsupachi acknowledged this, but never confirmed it.