Slumber Sea Abyss

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Slumber Sea Abyss
Make a Good Level X3 +
Make a Fun Awesome Boss 2
Contest Tier
MaGLX3 Tier 2.png
Tier:2 / 12
Levels:12 (141st to 130th place)
Bosses:2 (22nd and 21st place)
Unlocked after:Available from the start
Tier X level:Eww, the Torpedo Teds are all Covered in Pizza!
Collectibles:Alarm clocks
Music used: 
"Slumber Sea" by Ace
Previous: 1 - Circus in the Diagonal Void
Next: 3 - Golden Riverpark
"Zzzzmh? You're new here, aren't you? I'll let you in on a little secret: Us fish? We dream of amazing little places. Here in our homes, these imaginings are so vivid, you can take part in them as well!"
—The first Rip Van Fish in the hub.

Slumber Sea Abyss is the second tier of levels and bosses in the Make a Good Level X3/Make a Fun Awesome Boss 2 compilation episode. It contains MaGLX3 levels ranked from 141st to 130th place, and MaFAB2 bosses ranked 22nd and 21st. It has an underwater theme, with the player traveling between glass domes using Clear Pipes. Levels and bosses are located inside the dream bubbles of sleeping Rip Van Fish and Boss Basses, respectively.

Contest entries

In order, the levels and bosses encountered are:

Death puzzle

Past the Rip Van Fish dreaming about Bridge Crossing, ignore the Clear Pipe leading upwards and jump to the right, landing on a wooden platform. Enter the Clear Pipe above this platform, and keep the "down" direction held to avoid exiting prematurely on a split path. The pipe will eventually lead to a small nook with a Rip Van Fish than can harm the player. Dying will lead to the Tier X level, Eww, the Torpedo Teds are all Covered in Pizza!


The final Clear Pipe, which leads back to the beginning of the hub, passes by a small landmass with a Blue Koopa Troopa surrounded by palm trees. This is a reference to the "Atlantis turtle" in Sniggerb0bble's Make a Good Level X entry, Swimming in the Sinking Ocean, whom the player must keep tracking down in order to reach the second star.