Structure that Pierces the Sky

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Structure that Pierces the Sky
Make a Good Level X3
Contest Entry
MaGLX3 138th.png
Rank:138 / 152
Score:39.67 / 120
  • Sturg: 53 / 120
  • Zatsupachi: 31 / 120
  • Rameau's Nephew: 35 / 120
Star Coins:None
Difficulty:2.5 / 5
Length:1.5 / 5
Terms used: 
  • Location: Spire
  • Adjective: Rustic
  • NPC: Rex
  • Bonus: Frozen
Music used: 
(Needs source: "cave")
Tier: 2 - Slumber Sea Abyss
Previous: 139th - The Frozen Dimensions
Next: 137th - Captain Wiggly's Airborne Car Wash

Structure that Pierces the Sky is a Make a Good Level X3 contest entry, submitted by Leet. It contains references to the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena at the beginning and end. The player is automatically filtered to Mario at the start.


Score table

Judge Design Creativity Aesthetics Gimmick Total
Sturg 23 / 50 10 / 30 3 / 20 17 / 20 53 / 120
Zatsupachi 5 / 50 15 / 30 5 / 20 6 / 20 31 / 120
Rameau's Nephew 9 / 50 5 / 30 11 / 20 10 / 20 35 / 120
Overall 12.33 / 50 10 / 30 6.33 / 20 11 / 20 39.66 / 120

Judge comments


Frankly, I had much more fun with your level much more than a good chunk of levels.

That background was pretty nauseating though.


Pretty much the effect of Procrastination, this level is. I like how it was utilizing horizontal wrap-around to ascend the tower, though this level is filled with just weird design decisions like, are you just meant to tank the hit from the Rex with the first mushroom? And the second bit might as well kill you immediately for losing the mushroom since you need to get rid of some turn-blocks. The rest of the level was just climbing the stairs. Then it's over. Sad.

Rameau's Nephew

The intro and outro screens of this level are pretty, and the song's nice. The moving background is also pretty trippy, although it's weird how it cuts off suddenly. Beyond that, we have a short tower-type stage with some minor uses of screen-warp and some very awkward Rex shenanigans, typically based around forcing the playing to creep through ultra-cramped passages or make uncomfortable bounces across spikes. Also notably shorter than the majestic name might suggest. The level itself admits it's a one-day rush job, and that's not too hard to see.

+ Nice first and final screens
+ Trippy background
- Corridors not built to fire code
- Rushed as a Canadian prog rock band

Other: JFK? I thought this structure was supposed to *Pierce* the sky!

Author's notes

Location: Spire
Adjective: Rustic
NPC: Rex
Extra: Frozen